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                                    JUNE 11, 2023 MOTORHEAD GARAGE  12:30 PM

                                          WEDNESDAY ON REV'N ON WEDNESDAY

                                         7:00 PM & 10:00 PM & SUNDAY 8:00 PM

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   You can now visit the Motorhead Garage website and pull up the C-1 Drive and the C-2 Drive





In 2001  Billy challenged himself to build HIS perfect Hot Rod.  Vettes have always been his passion; so that seemed to be the right style choice for him.  It was to be a 1958 C-1 Corvette. Like so many of us, he choose that year because it was his first vette.  He searched for a while and made some calls; but he did not like what he saw in the market at that time.  So, he did as he always had in the past, and he decided to built his own, starting with the frame. With a clean shop floor and chalk in hand, Corvette Correction was born.


We call central Texas home.  Close to San Antonio (IH-10) and Austin (IH 35) we are easy to get to; you are always welcome to come and drive our cars. Call first to make sure we are not on the road at a show.   Our shop was established in the early 60's as Seguin Speed Shop, Inc. (our parent company)  Billy's foremost thought in developing a frame that would work best for the C-1 cars; was to get the drive-ability and ride of the newer cars integrated.  However, it would have to be packaged to fit in the older models, with height, ride, and space an issue; most of all it had to be strong.  The frame became the key to accomplish it all. Once he had built the car, the concept was such a hit that the interest bloomed almost overnight. We were now in the frame business.


As time has proceeded, we have added a Tri-5 Frame into our inventory.  We found so many customers want to take another couple or grand-kids with them to events so the Tri-5 frame was born.  This frame suits any of the 55, 56 & 57 Chevys. (commonly known as Shoe Box cars). It will fit any of the sedans, convertibles, wagons, nomads or sedan deliveries in that era. You have all of the modern feel of the newer cars, but the old look for our generation.


Due to repeated request we have added the C-2 and C-3 Corvette frames to our inventory., and now the older Chevy truck from 43 to 72.  These older Chevy trucks have become very popular through out the country.


And Our frames just do all of that which we have grown to appreciate in our cars......just come and look, drive and ride for yourself!


We are glad you are visiting our website. Here you will find information about our work and our services. Our team will be glad to answer any questions you may have.

Our Business

We have been featured in many of the industries' magazine articles and have gained favor with our customers.  We have been featured on Motor Trend TV and GearHead Garage, Rev'n and Velocity TV. Our C-1 frame is the oldest in the line.  We added the Tri-5 frames just this year; and we have sold many on the reputation of the c-1 frame; even before we had the first frame built.  We are continueing with the C-2 and C-3 frame as well as the Chevy Truck frame for the 47 to 72. 

            LET US FRAME YOU!