What's new in our shop?

The frame you have been waiting for  THE C-2 FRAME is in the shop.  We have some pictures for you to see on this site in the C-2 TAB.  We know that this is the frame many of you have been waiting for Billy to build....well now is the time and it is strong and fits beautiful.   It has opened up our line to the C-2 & C3 cars for a replacement frame.


The  Tri- 5 frame is now in the trailer and we are taking it to the shows and delivering them to customers. 

  It will fit any of the Tri 5 cars, including Nomads, Sedan Delivery, 2 door, 4 door & the convertibles.  We have a Nomad and 2 door in the shop now,  getting a face lift, a little tuck and filler, a brand new shine and their own new look.


We will be showing a 54 Corvette - Vette Rod (of course) It has the pert look, a super shine and a familiar stance; as it should.  But the other, when he gets to it, will be running wild with Billy's imagination turned on warp speed. It will have it's own character and it's own details and will not be confused with any other.


It appears that we will have the old Chevy truck frame parked in the shop.  This frame will fit the Chevrolet Trucks from 1947 to 1972. We decided to put a dump bed on MY truck; not for it's for use as a dump BED, but for the shows, so that you can see the fame underneath the bed.  We have found that for the shows we need a frame and the appropriate vehicle for the people to understand what we do. This is still my working truck( I put steel wheels and caps on it) and to watch it come alive was great.  It has that Corvette influence with C-4 suspension and that ride and drive we all enjoy.  It is a sports car with a bed and that wonderful 'Old Truck look.


When there are new projects  in the shop there is a new spring in Billy's step. The lathes, the welders, the milling machines and the grinders are going at top speed.  Billy gets excited when the new designs are in the creation mode.  He can't wait to get out to the shop every morning; or speak to his customers to answer their questions and to get them out of a building bind.  He hates being in the office.