Our Business

The Team

Billy Dawson

Position:  President

detail:  designer, sales, shows

Phone: +1 830/305/7496

Email: corvettecorrection@gvec.net



We continue to conduct business on a one to one basis.  Billy is reachable 24/7 on his cell phone to answer your questions.  This is one of the reasons we have sold so many C-1 frames. Billy is always ready to help you; he understands that you may not be working on your project during business hours.  This is so important if you are an individual building your own car or a shop who needs some answers on a customer's car.  We are there after the sale and during your build; not just during the purchase.  We try to provide the service that we would like if we were the customer.  


We do work out of several building.  This helps us to divide the project cars from those having body work; from those that are ready to have the mechanical work; work on the interiors or cars that are finished and waiting for delivery to the customer. If you are looking for a specific person to answer your questions, use the cell numbers.


We conitnue to build ....if you so desire we can take your car from the start to the finish for you.  Due to the time constraint, these cars are built on a reserve schedule only .....


Our Shop stays booked, so you need to schedule early.


Our shop and our office buildings.

Sherry Dawson

position:  Secretary/ Bookkeeper

details:  web page, advertising

                 accounting, shows

Phone: +1-830-305-4570



John Jones

position:  Shop Foreman

details: line  production, installer, wiring and shows

contact:  1+830-305-5138




Position:  Office Manager

Details:  parts orders, general accounting


Herbert Eckols

position:  Assembly

details: line asembler, installer, mechanic, show representative

Stevan (Shrimp) Medina

position:  Fiberglass specialist

details: mold developer, fiberglass repair,

fiberglass parts, assembly

Robert Vogel

position:  Master Mechanic engine/trans,assembly,

trouble shooter, show representative

Ty Dawson Jones (front)  Dawson Richard Malaer (wagon)

Talula (getting a ride)

position:  shop entertainment

description:  getting to grow up in an active shop and learning a business from the broom up.